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The Trusted Sanctuary and Beacon of Non- Profit Skilled Nursing Care


What Sets Us Apart

Our Team

Offering the highest quality care to our residents by employing the best in the industry. Each member of our team is continually growing and preparing to face any challenges our residents may encounter.


Your Experience

Our primary goal is to enrich the lives of our residents through engaging and life-affirming activities. Every resident will receive the care they deserve, in a comfortable, serene environment that will be a treasure for a lifetime.

Your Sanctuary

Your Place To Belong

The Bluffs is a non-profit skilled health care provider, serving the needs of senior citizens, regardless of economic status.



Specialty Care

Being here for our residents is what we live for.
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Our Veteran Support
Proudly supporting our community's veterans.
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Quality of Care
Providing exceptional around-the-clock treatment.
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Experience Focused
Bringing residents a genuine "moment of joy" every day.
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As a non-profit nursing home, our primary focus is to provide quality
care to our residents. We are a non-profit facility, which allows us to
provide quality care and further commit to the residents of Boone County
by enabling us to put our resources right back into The Bluffs
community and family.

Welcome Home!