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Our Story

The Bluffs’ Beginnings

The Bluffs has been proudly caring for residents of Boone County since its inception in 1934. The Bluffs has a long, rich history in Boone County and has gone by many names over the years. Although originally named the Boone County Infirmary, it was colloquially known as the “Old Farmhouse,” located outside of the city limits.

The year 1976 ushered in a new era for The Bluffs. We moved into a newly erected building next to Boone Hospital. At this time, we started primarily serving senior adults of our community and we were renamed Boone County Retirement Center. We remained in that building until 2002, when a new opportunity presented itself.


“Branching” Out

In 2002 we were newly named The Bluffs. Through the immense generosity of Boone County and driven by our commitment to serving seniors in our community, we were able to open our current facility. We were granted 16.7 acres of land in southwest Columbia and opened a modern, 132-bed nursing home facility. We offer post-acute, memory, and skilled-nursing care in our five neighborhoods: Cherry Lane, Walnut Grove, Elm Estates, Oak Terrace, and Maple Lane.

The Bluffs officially operates under the name Boone County Senior Citizens Services Corporation and is run by a board of directors. Our board members are Boone County citizens, who are greatly esteemed and well respected in senior living and healthcare. The Boone county commissioner serves as our county liaison for The Bluffs. As a non-profit nursing home, our primary focus is to provide quality care to our residents. We are a non-profit facility, which allows us to provide quality care and further commit to the residents of Boone County by enabling us to put our resources right back into The Bluffs community and family. 

The Bluffs continues to evolve with the times, and we strive to be ahead of the curve to change the expectations and perceptions of senior living. We look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Boone County for many years, steadfast in our commitment to implement ways to enhance lives.